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The Vidra Resort has an area of 24 ha and is located in Puru Mountains at an altitude of 1300 m, in close proximity of Vidra Lake. The resort has about 1,000 beds, but a good part of the accommodation spaces are not functional because of the unfinished investment works. However, during the season 400-500 tourists can benefit of accommodation and meals of the resort. The main features of this resort are:  the mountain area recommended both in winter and in summer, with a scenery and a special natural resources, favorable to the winter sports (due to the abundant snowfall);  an altitude of 1400-1450 m with ozone-rich air, high in negative ions and volatile essences of fir tree;  zero pollution degree.

Source: ECO – Nature Association

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Coordonate: Latitudine: 45.430262, Longitudine: 23.677883



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