About TraiesteRomaneste

TraiesteRomaneste is the first online platform, specially designed to fulfill nation branding and destination marketing of Romania, having as a starting point the sensorial experiences of the place in order to develop and support the following pillars: Tourism, Local Brands and Products, Politics, Investments, Culture and People. Therefore, a Complete Online Guide of Romania is available 24/7 to every person, in any corner of the world.

Our wish is to create a virtual space for the legends we heard from our grandparents, our shared traditions and our memorable gastronomic culture washed down with strong and spirited drinks, all for providing an authentic atmosphere for your travel, experience or event.

We plan of doing that by providing the best map for your Romanian travel, by unearthing all those treats that make a trip to Romania worth doing: the savage places, the lonely churches and monasteries, free animals and hospitable and open people. Also we are growing a community so that reviewing will help you decide what to do and where to go. So, go ahead, pick a place, search a thing and start your Romanian experience.

Tourism. Having as a starting point the complete exploration of the place (sense of the place), TraiesteRomaneste offers a Travel Planner, which interconnects destinations and types of tourism, touristic attractions, leisure, events, restaurants, lodging and all the products included in the tourism sector.  

Local Brands and Products. The reputation of a country in the world is sustained by its products too, and this increases the value of the “made in” expression. The Online Shop on Traiesteromaneste gives Romanians abroad, but also to the foreigners the possibility of achieving qualitative Romanian products. This way we support local, authentic products, the crafters (preserving traditions for future generations), little entrepreneurs, and any other  manufacturer or service provider whose main aim is the quality. By creating, communicating and delivering quality products we can develop powerful brands that will function as real ambassadors for Romania and for Romanians. Including sensorial dimensions into the brand platforms leads to a profound discovery of the brand and guarantees the satisfaction of the customer.

Politics. By developing a durable and sustainable economical model that can be used for any local community in Romania, we will bring results for every place, offering economical support for that community and the integration in a national and international network. Having the perspective of the whole network and of the results that describe activities, current politics are optimized in parallel with the initiation of other new politics.

Investments. After evaluating the destination, opportunities of investment will be identified, opportunities that in time will turn into competitive advantages for community respecting the local plan of action. These opportunities are included in the Local Guide, the application on TraiesteRomaneste platform, and communicated worldwide.

Culture. TraiesteRomaneste platform functions as a virtual library, collecting and saving material and spiritual values. Anyone who has Internet access, 24/7, from any place in the world, has free access to complete information about Romania, Romanians, products, traditions, events, etc. Furthermore, accessing the Online Shop on the site anyone can get a little part of this culture.

People. interconnects Romanians everywhere, offering them a place where they can socialize, get information, pass on values, where they can sustain a competitive identity of Romania and Romanians. At the same time, integrating international languages on the platform opens doors for communication with possible foreign customers they are tourists, investors, employees or students. Through Romanians as ambassadors (image vectors) Romania is the most powerful magnet for foreign tourists, investors, labor force or youngsters from abroad interested to study in Romania.

Romanians in Diaspora are given a signal to comeback home as tourists by providing personalized circuits and memorable experiences, made possible through the applications on the platform and/or as investors, by communicating the investment opportunities from the Local Guide correlated with sustainable economical models, personalized for each community.

TraiesteRomaneste projects a competitive identity, measuring in parallel, the perceived image (internal and external), offering the possibility of adjusting the difference between projection and perception in real time.

TraiesteRomaneste digitalizes Romania, communicating the destination in the international context, educating Romanians and makes the conversion Internet user – fan – image vector, interconnects Romanians everywhere and develops a durable economical model that is focused on local communities, offering foreigners a holistic experience of Romania.

The beginning: we have taken the first steps in 2008, when TraiesteRomaneste was born from the desire of a few Romanians to recreate Romania in a cyber-space, a Romania of the legends we have heard from our grandparents, of our inherited traditions and our memorable gastronomic culture washed down with strong and spirited drinks, all for providing an authentic atmosphere for your travel, experience or event. 

Who are we?

A group of companies and associations, experts in tourism, marketing, management, researchers, journalists, professors and phd students aiming to develop Romania as a top product.

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