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Built in the 17th century by merchants of  Brasov, settled on the former fortress of  Teutonic Knights and what used to be a road for traders at the entrance of a mountain’s valley, Bran Castle became famous due to the legend of Count Dracula. The legend says that the wife of a prince who fought the Turkish killed herself, being sure that her husband had been killed in the battle. Mad at divinity, the prince makes a pact with the devil and becomes an immortal vampire who will seek forever women to resemble his wife. The legend is also inspired by the historical figure of a Wallachian voivode, Vlad the Impaler (1456 – 1462) who used to punish his enemies by impaling them.

Now the castle serves as a museum.

Source: Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism

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Coordonate: Latitudine: 45.51507549999999, Longitudine: 25.36716709999996



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