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Romania’s Capital, Bucharest is a perfect combination of the époques the city has been through. The architecture still keeps the old and bohemian spirit of the Little Paris as Bucharest used to be called. You will see the Belle Epoque style in many buildings but mainly on Calea Victoriei, one of the oldest avenues in Bucharest. The Old Centre is where old meets new. Here there are bars, clubs, restaurants and coquettish cafes but also the most important churches in the city. You can visit The Domneasca Church from Curtea Veche, the oldest church in Bucharest.

The city is surprising with its buildings but it breaths through the parks. Herastrau Park is the largest, situated on the verge of a natural lake with the same name. In the heart of the Capital you will discover Cismigiu Park, the oldest public garden.

Bucharest will surprise every visitor willing to listen, to feel and see it in a brand new light due to every piece of the past and present that are merging into one big place of wonder and diversity.

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