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Bucovina is the region where nature, divinity and people walk side by side. The land seems to have been painted by God and then He helped people paint the churches.

The region is known for the unique hue of blue that was used to paint Voronet, the famous monastery that is also called The Sistine Chapel of the Orient. Bucovina is the region in Romania with the most numerous religious places in the country. The churches are painted in a very special way and the most important of the 22 painted churches are: Arbore (astonishing combination of colors on the exterior), Probota (first church with fresco on the exterior), Moldovita (painted in yellow). The fresco of the churches recompose the sacred and profane history of the world, painted in specific colors like the unique blue of Voronet is.

The color a and the charm of  Bucovina are reflected by its churches but also by the landscape with crests, beech forests, fir and fir spruce forests. Bucovina is called “The land of the Beech” (Buchenland) name given by the Austrians when the region had become a province of  The Austrian Empire (1775).



Source: Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism

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