Cozia Monastery

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Inaugurated on May 18, 1388 by a decree issued by Voivode Mircea cel Batran, the Cozia Monastery  was an important center of Romanian culture. Since 1415 functions here a religious school, one of the oldest Citeste mai mult …

Vidra Lake

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The lake arising as a consequence to building a dam in the Vidra Gorge, a unique hydrographic construction of this kind because it is formed by rock fill (not concrete). This dam is the main Citeste mai mult …

St. Nicholas Church

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St. Nicholas Church  is located in the Caineni, on the national road DN7 Ramnicu Valcea-Sibiu, and dates since 1733 (the inestimable value of this church is the preserving of the original painting). Source: ECO – Citeste mai mult …

The Diocese of Ramnic

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The Diocese of Ramnic  includes a major architectural complex built in XVII-XIX century, in Byzantine style and Italian-Realism style, being surrounded by very precious historical monuments and representative for Romania. The spiritual renaissance is advantageous completes Citeste mai mult …

The Valcean Village Museum

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The Valcean Village Museum  was created in 1969 and was inaugurated in 1974.  It has 43 country houses with approximately 4,400 pieces of furniture, which gives it a dominant position among the museums of its Citeste mai mult …

Anton Pann Memorial House

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The Anton Pann Memorial House is a monument of urban architecture, built in the middle of the XVIIIth century, with tower and basement (the defining elements of Romanian architecture). This house was the residence of Citeste mai mult …

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