The Valcean Village Museum

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The Valcean Village Museum  was created in 1969 and was inaugurated in 1974.  It has 43 country houses with approximately 4,400 pieces of furniture, which gives it a dominant position among the museums of its Citeste mai mult …

Anton Pann Memorial House

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The Anton Pann Memorial House is a monument of urban architecture, built in the middle of the XVIIIth century, with tower and basement (the defining elements of Romanian architecture). This house was the residence of Citeste mai mult …

Black Eagle Palace

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Black Eagle Palace is a multifunctional edifice that includes a passage and the palace, both named The Black Eagle. The building is one of the most significant architectural monuments built in  Secession Style from Crisana.  Citeste mai mult …


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Ieud Commune, from Izei Valley is an ethnographic center because here people still wear the traditional costumes and women do laundry at the river and bleach canvas and wood using old traditional methods. The commune Citeste mai mult …

First Romanian School, Brasov

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In the heart of Brasov and the courtyard of one of its biggest churches (Sf Nicolae) lies one of the most interesting and old romanian museums. Curated by a dedicated priest, Vasile Oltean, the museum is a thesaurus of romanian culture and history.

Brancusi National and Cultural Complex

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The main attraction of Targu Jiu City is  Brancusi National and Cultural Complex. The works of Brancusi, one of the greatest sculptors in the world, are exhibited outdoors on an 1,7 Km axis that crosses Citeste mai mult …

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