Govora Monastery

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Govora Monastery is located at 3 km from Govora and was mentioned in a document dated 1488; it was rebuilt by Voivode Vlad Calugarul (Vlad the Monk) and Voivode Radu cel Mare (Radu the Great); Citeste mai mult …

Bistrita Monastery

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Bistrita Monastery is located at 6 km from Costesti and 11 km from Horezu. It was built between 1491- 1492 by the boyars Craiovesti and was destroyed in 1508 by Voivode Mihnea cel Rau (Mihnea Citeste mai mult …

Letea Sand Bank

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In the Northern part of The Danube Delta is the most Nordic subtropical forest from Europe, situated on Letea Sand Bank. One interesting characteristic of the forest is the abundance of climbing plants. Here you Citeste mai mult …

Neamt Fortress

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Neamt Fortress is one of the best restored medieval fortresses in Romania, transformed in a museum in interior and on the exterior as well. You will admire the thick walls that stood in front of Citeste mai mult …

European Bison Reservation

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In Dragos Voda Reservation, from Valtori – Neamt Commune, you have the chance to admire a rare animal: the European bison. The reservation is 11.500 ha large and is one of the biggest in Europe. Citeste mai mult …

Cotnari and Odobesti Vineyards

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If you visit Moldavia you must drink the special wine here: Grasa de Cotnari and Galbena de Odobesti are famous in Moldavia, a region known for its wine and vineyards. Odobesti vineyard is the largest Citeste mai mult …

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