The Vidra Resort

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The Vidra Resort has an area of 24 ha and is located in Puru Mountains at an altitude of 1300 m, in close proximity of Vidra Lake. The resort has about 1,000 beds, but a Citeste mai mult …

The Olanesti Resort

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The Olanesti Resort  is located on the Olanesti River bank at 20 km from Ramnicu Valcea; the first documentary attestation is the year 1527 and the curative qualities of water are known since the XVIIIth Citeste mai mult …

Vama Veche

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If you want to enjoy the feeling of camping in open air on a beach, Vama Veche or 2 Mai are ready and wait for you to open another season at the begging of May. Citeste mai mult …

Slanic Moldova Spa

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Slanic Moldova is the queen of balneary and climatic health resorts in Moldova. It has 20 springs with mineral water, and the salty climate from Targu Ocna (nearby) is recommended for many affections. Slanic Moldova Citeste mai mult …

Vatra Dornei

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Vatra Dornei is famous as a spa, for the cheese here but also as a sports resort. In winter time you can practice ski or Fall Richtung. Nutzer hausaufgabe religion unter mehr Es… Gestern Citeste mai mult …

Borsa Resort

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Borsa resort offers its visitors a gentle clime and strongly ozonized air. From Borsa you can go to Pietrosu Rodnei reservation or to The Horses Waterfall, the highest in the country. Borsa has a telecabin, Citeste mai mult …

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