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Crisana is a region where strong essences are kept in little vessels. Defiles, waterfalls, caves, all are gathered here, on a territory that is not very large.

Crisana is situated in the West part of Romania. Attractions here include the longest cave in the country, The Cave of the Wind (47 km) and a very well arranged karstic structure, The Cave of Bears. In The Cave of Bears there are many remains of the cavern bear, extinted 15.000 years ago. Another magnificent objective is Galbenei Keys that form the wildest canyon in the Apuseni Mountains. Nearby, there are Ponorului Fortresses where you will find The Lost World:  vertical caves, caves and intermittent springs. For rest and relaxation you can go to Baile Felix resort or at Stana de Vale.

It is also worth seeing the vestiges of The Oradea’s Fortress, a citadel with five bastions in the corners or the antique fortress of Dacians, Ziridava. You can meditate at Moon Church (Oradea) whose name was inspired by the horologe installed in the tower.

Source: Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism

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