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Between The Danube Delta and The Black Sea there is a land strained with history, both wet and arid,  young and old, a land where  various ethnicities are living peacefully together.

Dobrogea is a land of contrasts and it expands over Tucea City and Constanta City. The Danube Delta is the youngest Romanian territory and the biggest and the best preserved Delta in Europe (2.681 Sq m). In 1991 it was included in UNESCO World Heritage. Macinului Mountains, included in a National Park, are the oldest mountains in Romania with the most arid climate in the country.

The sunny coastline of The Black Sea make Dobrogea Region a place for all everybody’s taste. The region has known many civilizations: Greek, Roman and Byzantine. Proof of these civilizations are The Greek Colony, Histria the oldest settlement in the country (founded, as tradition says, in 657 b.c.); Tropaeum Traiani from Adamclisi, a triumphal monument for celebrating victories of Romans against Dacians; the oldest monastic ensemble in our country, at Saint Andrew Cave.

The coastline is 75 km long and along you can find many beach resorts: Mamaia, Costinesti, 2 Mai and Vama Veche.

Jules Verne, the famous visionary writer, has described perfectly the towns and landscapes of Dobrogea  – Medgidia, Babadag and Tulcea, in his novel Kerban The Inflexible.

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