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In the heart of Brasov and the courtyard of one of its biggest churches (Sf Nicolae) lies one of the most interesting and old romanian museums. Curated by a dedicated priest, Vasile Oltean, the museum is a thesaurus of romanian culture and history.

The First Romanian School dates back to the XVI century and is built on the remains of two yet older wood churches. The small museum prouds itself on one of the oldest Romanian written documents – a schoolbook almost a 1000 years old. The schoolbok has 700 pages (only the lesson on virtue has about 250) and dates back from a time when studying for 6 months would make a teacher and for 9 months a priest.

Old teaching utensils – like the abaccus and the discipline whip – are still present in the classroms named after famous Romanians. Old books, cronicles, grammars, operas and political journals can be found here along with the printer of one of the most famous Romanian teacher – Coresi, the authour and printer of the first book in the Romanian language.

Ther is one big caveat about visiting this quaint, albeit interesting place – a guide/translator is required as the tours are only in Romanian. While just roaming through the museums would to quench your thirst on old books and history, having a guided tour would serve to immerse yourself in Romanian history in a way in which even History Museums can’t.

Coperta Prima Scoala Romaneasca

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Adresa: Sf. Nicolae din Braşov, Piaţa Unirii nr. 2-3, Brasov
Coordonate: Latitudine: 45.635816, Longitudine: 25.581187
Telefon: +40268511411 +40722435134


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