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Once, millennia ago, shortly after its formed the Carpathian Mountains, told that three fairies-fate have arrived in the Parang Mountains and fascinated by the picturesque of the area that blessed place in the future to be inhabited by a proud , hard­working, brave and without blame people: Geto-Dacians. Much later, when the fairies-fate returned again in the middle of the Dacian people, delighted with the achievements of this brave nation, they sent in their midst Zalmoxes. The legendary man- God, born in the Parang Mountains, from morning till evening wandering the mountains being fascinated by the richness and beauty. The young Zalmoxes (or Zalmoxis after other legends) is considered one of the first who reached the wise native lands, his appetite for knowledge bringing him this well-deserved title. The controversies over the quality of God or man to Zamolxis began with the first certifications like about him (the writings of Heorodot) and not ended even now.

Another legend says about a place near Parang Mountains where Gebeleizis (the Dacian god of storm and lightning) retired lonely in the depth of a caves. In his clouds, the people fired so long arrows to ward off the rain. Once his hideout was discovered, the God fell to deal with people and gave them adequate rainfall for the appropriate development of the fauna and the flora, hence the remarkable perfection of the whole ecosystem in the area. 

The places have a its own charm, every place being filled with tales and legends. The elders of the villages keep its in memory and they are always ready to share with curious visitors.

Source: ECO – Nature Association

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