Cozia Monastery

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Inaugurated on May 18, 1388 by a decree issued by Voivode Mircea cel Batran, the Cozia Monastery  was an important center of Romanian culture. Since 1415 functions here a religious school, one of the oldest Citeste mai mult …

Govora Monastery

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Govora Monastery is located at 3 km from Govora and was mentioned in a document dated 1488; it was rebuilt by Voivode Vlad Calugarul (Vlad the Monk) and Voivode Radu cel Mare (Radu the Great); Citeste mai mult …

Neamt Fortress

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Neamt Fortress is one of the best restored medieval fortresses in Romania, transformed in a museum in interior and on the exterior as well. You will admire the thick walls that stood in front of Citeste mai mult …

The Fortress of Suceava

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If you want to admire a splendid landscape, the best place is Cetatea de Scaun, on the bank of Suceava River.   Source: Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism

Corvin Castle

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With Laic architecture and built in a Gothic style,  Corvin Castle is the most important monument of its kind in Transylvania. King Sigismund of Luxemburg offered to Romanian King Voicu  the feudal domain of  Hunedoara Citeste mai mult …

Prejmer Fortified Church

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The Gothic fortified church in Prejmer, cross – shaped, of  Burgundian inspiration and of Romano – Catholic rite (Evangelical later) was inaugurated in 1250. Later, around this edifice, in 1427,  Tartlau Fortified Church was built. Citeste mai mult …

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