Piatra Craiului Massif

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Piatra Craiului Massif is situated in Meridional Carpathians, on the west and north – west part of the Rucar Bran passage. Maximum  altitude: 2.238 m La Om peak (or Piscul Baciului ). Local flora has Citeste mai mult …

Radesei Fortresses

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Radesei Fortresses are practically a cave and a canyon situated at the origins of Warm Somes (Somesul Cald) in Apuseni Mountains. Through a 200 m tunnel you can see big halls and funnels on the Citeste mai mult …

Rodnei Mountains

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Rodnei Mountains are the most imposing in The Oriental Carpathians with peaks that can reach 2.000 m. The highest peak is Pietrosu (2.303) followed by Ineu (2.279) and Ineut (2.222). Pietrosu is part of The Citeste mai mult …

Semenic Mountains

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The highest altitude of Banat Mountains is in Semenic with Piatra Goznei peak (1.445). The Semenic Mountains are a joy for the eyes as you will see large platforms on the peaks and deep valleys Citeste mai mult …

Veterani Cave

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Veterani Cave is located in Cazanelor Reservation, 25 km from Orsova. You can get here only by boat or dinghy.Veterani Cave was the first cave in the world to be scientifically charted. Here were found Citeste mai mult …

The Muddy Volcanoes

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The lunar landscape here is unique in Romania and very rare in the world: small volcanoes – shaped structures, gas eruptions,  layers of clay and water. From the underground, at irregular intervals,  a grey and Citeste mai mult …

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