St. Nicholas Church

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St. Nicholas Church  is located in the Caineni, on the national road DN7 Ramnicu Valcea-Sibiu, and dates since 1733 (the inestimable value of this church is the preserving of the original painting). Source: ECO – Citeste mai mult …

The Diocese of Ramnic

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The Diocese of Ramnic  includes a major architectural complex built in XVII-XIX century, in Byzantine style and Italian-Realism style, being surrounded by very precious historical monuments and representative for Romania. The spiritual renaissance is advantageous completes Citeste mai mult …

Bistrita Monastery

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Bistrita Monastery is located at 6 km from Costesti and 11 km from Horezu. It was built between 1491- 1492 by the boyars Craiovesti and was destroyed in 1508 by Voivode Mihnea cel Rau (Mihnea Citeste mai mult …

Humor Monastery

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Six kilometers north from Gura Humorului village there is one of the most representative Romanian monuments of medieval art. Humor Monastery was built by a landowner not by a voivode, that is why it doesn’t Citeste mai mult …

Churches From Maramures

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The wooden churches from Maramures are permanently opened museums, but they function as regular churches too where people come to services. They are built from horizontally arranged oak logs, with roofs made of shingle and Citeste mai mult …

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