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Iasi is the first city that has published a newspaper and has founded the first university in Romania. It’s among the few cities in the world with more than 100 Orthodox churches, most of them Citeste mai mult …


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Oradea is a town at the western border of Romania, situated on Crisul Repede (The Fast Cris) and populated by mixed ethnic groups. The two important cathedrals, the Romano – Catholic one and the orthodox Citeste mai mult …

Baia Mare

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Baia Mare City is one of the cities where you will be charmed by its medieval characteristics reflected in buildings like Stefan’s Tower built six centuries ago or by Casa Elisabeta (Elisabeta House) built in Citeste mai mult …


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Craiova is the city where Constantin Brancusi attended the school and the capital of all the people from Oltenia. Seven of  his works are exhibited at the Art Museum in Craiova.


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Romania’s Capital, Bucharest is a perfect combination of the époques the city has been through. The architecture still keeps the old and bohemian spirit of the Little Paris as Bucharest used to be called. You Citeste mai mult …

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