Historical Regions


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Between The Danube Delta and The Black Sea there is a land strained with history, both wet and arid,  young and old, a land where  various ethnicities are living peacefully together. Dobrogea is a land Citeste mai mult …


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Bucovina is the region where nature, divinity and people walk side by side. The land seems to have been painted by God and then He helped people paint the churches. The region is known for Citeste mai mult …


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Transylvania is a natural bastion, with dense forests, protected by mountains. The region has a gentle nature, a fertile plateau and a multi – ethnic and hardworking population. As a tourist, with a map and Citeste mai mult …


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You can rarely find a place in Europe where people are so respectful of the traditions of their ancestors as people in the North – West of Romania are. On your journey in Maramures you Citeste mai mult …


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Banat, with a multiethnic and multi – confessional character, is the western region of Romania and it breaths an occidental air but at the same time, the various traditions here are preserved. The history of Citeste mai mult …


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In Oltenia there is always something new to find. On the Olt Valley you can see the Geto – Dacian vestiges, the antique inhabitants of these places, or the Roman fortresses, proof of an ancient Citeste mai mult …

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