Vatra Dornei

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Vatra Dornei is famous as a spa, for the cheese here but also as a sports resort. In winter time you can practice ski or Fall Richtung. Nutzer hausaufgabe religion unter mehr Es… Gestern Citeste mai mult …

Ciocanesti Village

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Ciocanesti village is a remarkable ethnographic centre, situated on Valea Bistritei Aurii (Golden Bistrita’s Valley). The houses have shingle roofs and colorful facades with multicolored geometrical and floral motifs same as those from the traditional Citeste mai mult …


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Bucovina is the region where nature, divinity and people walk side by side. The land seems to have been painted by God and then He helped people paint the churches. The region is known for Citeste mai mult …


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Viscri village is on UNESCO list due to its most picturesque fortified church in Transylvania. The place is so splendid that it even charmed Prince Charles who is a regular visitor of the region of Citeste mai mult …


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Transylvania is a natural bastion, with dense forests, protected by mountains. The region has a gentle nature, a fertile plateau and a multi – ethnic and hardworking population. As a tourist, with a map and Citeste mai mult …


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Oradea is a town at the western border of Romania, situated on Crisul Repede (The Fast Cris) and populated by mixed ethnic groups. The two important cathedrals, the Romano – Catholic one and the orthodox Citeste mai mult …

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