Traditions in Valcea

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One of the most popular existing traditions within Valcean areas is the pottery, with the famous manufacturer center Horezu. Here even today it produce a large amount of traditional ceramics bearing the famous local insignia Citeste mai mult …

Legends from Parang Mountains

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Once, millennia ago, shortly after its formed the Carpathian Mountains, told that three fairies-fate have arrived in the Parang Mountains and fascinated by the picturesque of the area that blessed place in the future to Citeste mai mult …

Bran Castle

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Built in the 17th century by merchants of  Brasov, settled on the former fortress of  Teutonic Knights and what used to be a road for traders at the entrance of a mountain’s valley, Bran Castle Citeste mai mult …

100 Choirs

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Maramures is enchanting due to its singers and their 200 years tradition of attending choirs. Documents attest over 100 choirs  and the passion for the song is everywhere.  Children’s Choir in Ieud has amazed Great Citeste mai mult …

Udatorul from Surdesti

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Each year, on the second day of Easter, Surdesti Village celebrates Udatorul, which means the first man that starts to plow. The whole village gathers in front of the church to find out who is Citeste mai mult …

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