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One of the most popular existing traditions within Valcean areas is the pottery, with the famous manufacturer center Horezu. Here even today it produce a large amount of traditional ceramics bearing the famous local insignia like a stylized rooster. The decorating of pottery with polychrome varnishes is a characteristic feature. The decorative patterns applied to plates, bowls, jugs, pitchers are the ancient solar symbols (such as single or double spiral, the six or eight- pointed star, the circle and the  zoomorphic and the famous rooster of Horezu. With these ornamental motifs the potters create very different compositions and a high artistic accuracy. The plastic solutions used by them are based on repetition, alternation and symmetry. The feature of the color range is defined specifically by using a natural nuances of reddish, green and blue, all arranged on a white- yellow background. There is a permanent popular art gallery and it brings together a selection of the best pottery finished here. The Horezu ceramics center is considered the most important in Romania and one of the most popular in Europe. Another concern of the locals is the painting of eggs for the Orthodox Easter holiday. An ancient custom of the area is manually decoration of eggs with folk motifs (present in the entire Romanian symbols): wheat ears, leaves, and of course, the Christianity symbol – the cross. In the Olt area is recognized Obaga center, where this custom increased to high- level art by the contemporary folk craftsmen.

Source: ECO Nature Association 

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